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Eisenman-Project not racist (May 25 1968) from Folder_012).png
David Eisenman, a graduate student on the chancellor's committee charged with implementing Project 500, explains mechanics of the 500 program to the Daily Illini and dispels popular myths about the program.

The "Habari Newsletter" began circulating in 1984, because the African Studies program began to flourish at this time. This publication started as a text-based, newsletter for African American alumni. Initially, it primarily discussed programs on…

Video: Claude "Buddy" Young Scores a Touchdown Against Pitt (1944)

Racist attitudes were prevalent on campus and in America in the 1940's but sports fans were willing to make exceptions to cheer for exceptional black athletes. This video shows…

Illini Guides Workshop 2.jpg
Given on September 7, 1968 at Allerton Park, two days before the incident at the Union, this speech discussed what role Illini Guides played in welcoming the new students. The speech explained that Project 500 students came from backgrounds that may…

Following the incident at the Illini Union, the BSA created a list of their demands from the University.

"In 1969 the African American Cultural Center was created with the two-fold purpose of assisting the University in providing a safe and welcoming environment for African American students and a resource to the campus at-large regarding African…

Song: "Refuge" by K. Edward Copeland & Ollie Watts-Davis

The University of Illinois Black Chorus was founded by four music-loving students in 1968. Later, in 1969, the chorus was co-sponsored by the School of Music Choral Division and the…
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