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Peltason on 500 in (DI May 18 1968) (from Folder_012).png
A May 18, 1968 Daily Illini article about one of Chancellor Jack W. Peltason’s “Chancellor’s Chats” events where he spoke about Project 500 and SEOP. Peltason painted the program as a facet of “educational reform” and said the program’s…

A survey designed by the ad hoc faculty committee for the SEOP program that sought to define the program for future school years from its spring and summer 1968 origins. This document is from November 7, 1968 and includes notes from David Eisenman.…

"The 500 Program and the Incidents at the Union" addresses a number of things surrounding the attitudes of different people on campus. Following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the University of Illinois decided to bring in 500…

Eisenman-Project not racist (May 25 1968) from Folder_012).png
David Eisenman, a graduate student on the chancellor's committee charged with implementing Project 500, explains mechanics of the 500 program to the Daily Illini and dispels popular myths about the program.
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