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Before 1968

The University of Illinois was founded in 1867. Its initial charter only provided for the education of white students. This language was removed…

Contributors: Mariano Nava, Ned Rooney, Jake Hamilton

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Legacies: Whose University?


This collection discusses the lasting impact of Project 500 on the University of Illinois campus, its institutions and curriculum. In the 1970s,…

Contributors: Joe Bennett, Joanna Nowak

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September, 1968: Chaos on Campus


Material related to the occupation of the Illini Union and its immediate aftermath

Contributors: Jasmine Kirby, John Lustrea

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What Were They Thinking?

Peltason on 500 in (DI May 18 1968) (from Folder_012).png

Origins and intentions of the Special Educational Opportunities Program

Contributors: Alicia Goodchild, Aaron Lowe

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Whose Campus is This?

miriam sheldon.jpg

The aftermath of SEOP on the Illinois campus, including rise of Black Student Association and "black power" thinking, shifts in campus institutions,…

Contributors: Josh Katz, Nick Hopkins

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